11 Things That Are Undeniably True If You Have A Dog In Your Life

If you have a dog in your life, you’ll find all of the following things to be true. We want nothing but the best for our furry friends, and it’s totally worth it to give them everything they want! Even if it means we have to make a few sacrifices in our lives. 😉

#1 Bath day usually ends up as a doggy spa day.

#2 When you leave the house, you leave the radio or TV on for them.

#3 Your dog has his own spot on the couch.

#4 Your day revolves around their walk times.

#5 Your dog has more and better clothes than you do.

#6 When you have to leave, and they give those puppy eyes…

#7 You give in to their petting demands without hesitation.

#8 If you work from home… 😉

#9 You sneak your dog a tiny piece of whatever you’re eating.

#10 When your dog wants food, it’s dinner time!

#11 This is what your sleeping situation looks like. 😀