12 Dogs Who Refuse To Let Their Owners Use The Restroom Alone

All privacy is out the window!

Do you have a dog? If so, chances are you will relate to this post. The day you adopted your furbaby, you gave up all of your privacy. But it’s totally worth it — after all, they’re just repaying the favor for all the times you’ve had their backs! Just look at the 12 dogs below. They absolutely refuse to let their owners use the restroom alone. 🙂

#1 “Can’t use the bathroom in peace without this guy wanting to hang out”

#2 “My dog loves to keep me company in the bathroom”

#3 “My dog also follows me into the bathroom and stares”

#4 He’s got your back…

#5 “There is no privacy in our home!”

#6 Public means public, right?

#7 This good boy doing what he can…

#8 “My dog also stares at me while going to the bathroom…”

#9 How could you forget? 😉

#10 “My dog always follows me into the bathroom and just stares”

#11 “Thought my dog was with me in the bathroom, then walked out to look for her”

#12 When all the years of no privacy finally pay off! 😀