13 Dogs Who Still Think They’re Little And Don’t Want To Hear Otherwise

Once a lap dog, always a lap dog!

Prepare yourself, because these giant dogs wanna sit on your lap and do other small-dog things. Maybe they are a bit too big to be lap dogs, but their owners would never actually complain about that! 🙂

h/t LittleThings

#1 This puppy crate is still mine!

#2 Gotta do what ya gotta do!

#3 Hope you weren’t enjoying the view…

#4 My human, my spot.

#5 I may be big, but the vet still scares me!

#6 You’re never too big to dance, though!

#7 Don’t worry buddy, I won’t try to sit on your lap. 😉

#8 Are you comfy? Because I’m comfy!

#9 Okay, now don’t move for a very long time.

#10 Hoomans, your chairs are perfect.

#11 I could just sit here forever! How about you?

#12 My favorite TV viewing spot.

#13 Does this chair come in a longer version? 😛