14 Dogs Experiencing Car Rides For The Very First Time

These faces say it all.

Dogs love going on car rides. And the very first time they get to experience one is a very special moment. Whether they are just coming home from the shelter or finally putting that head out of the window, these faces say it all. 🙂

#1 Lovin’ it.

"My girlfriend's Sheltie puppy on her first car ride."

#2 Just taking it all in.

"10 week old German Shepherd/Chow Chow on her first puppy car ride"

#3 Beautiful! 🙂

"Lady friend took this a few months ago. My pup during his first car ride."

#4 So well behaved.

"Chance's first ride in the car!"

#5 I think she liked it, too! 🙂

"My girlfriend took our puppy for her first car ride. I think she liked it."

#6 Aww, one day he’ll love car rides!

"My puppy was extremely unsure during his first car ride"

#7 That smile. 🙂

"My dog, Mr. Pickles on his first car ride"

#8 That feeling when you’re finally free…

"Got in the car and forgot how to dog. (first car ride, coming home from the shelter)"

#9 So many smells!

"Wash's first car ride with the window down!"

#10 Adorable.

"First car ride: "AHHHH SAVE ME!!" says baby dog"

#11 The face of a happy doggo. 🙂

"Kratos the Dog of War, his first car ride."

#12 Too precious.

"Meet Blitz: the German Shepherd puppy we literally bargained off a family of gypsies. First warm sleep on his car ride back to his new home."

#13 She could get used to this… 😉

"Svea's first car ride"

#14 Going home. 🙂

"This is the first Photo we took of our dog after we brought her home from the animal shelter. Her name is Tamina!"