14 Dogs Who Can’t Help But Wonder What These New ‘Puppies’ Are

Where’s all the fur?

Mom and dad introduced a new puppy to the home, but wait a minute… this doesn’t look like a typical dog. Where’s all the fur, and why don’t they bark when they want treats? These 14 dogs are so confused about their new human siblings, but they still love them more than anything! 🙂

h/t LittleThings

#1 No, it definitely doesn’t feel like a dog…

#2 It appears as if it has some sort of artificial fur.

#3 Your bed and toys are similar, but those are not paws.

#4 Why is it holding me so tight?

#5 I must say, it does make a nice pillow!

#6 It doesn’t sniff back. It just lies there.

#7 There are no whiskers, but I do love kissing it. 🙂

#8 What a strange bark you have!

#9 How is it walking on its back two legs?

#10 Those teeth are not made for chewing.

#11 Try one of those diaper thingies on me.

#12 Is this what you call an alien?

#13 Odd, it doesn’t lick back…

#14 Looks like me minus the fur…