140 Dogs Found In Hoarding Situation With Their Enclosures Wired Shut

The Humane Society of the United States took to a residential property in Dixie County, Florida, with the help of the Dixie County Sheriff’s office to investigate a potential hoarding situation. And what they found they couldn’t believe.

More than 140 dogs were kept in cages that were wired shut begging the question of just how long they’d been trapped in there. But it was obviously by design. This person did not want the dogs getting out. But this was the beginning of a new chapter in life for all of them!

Watching one particular dog exit her enclosure for the first time brings about a lot of emotions. While she’s being held at the end, the dog throws her head back to breathe in the fresh air for once. All of these dogs are off to better lives now thanks to the Humane Society!