15 Pics Of Pets Before And After Adoption That Speak Louder Than Words

This is true happiness.

Adopting a pet from the shelter may be a life changing moment for a person, but it’s even more meaningful to that animal. After spending who knows how long on a concrete floor behind bars, love makes all the difference. Let’s celebrate these cats and dogs finding their forever homes — the pictures are too precious.

h/t Bright Side

#1 Welcome to your new life.

#3 He’ll never cower in the corner again.

#5 Woodrow before and after adoption.

#6 Thank you for rescuing me.

#8 What a difference!

#10 That face says it all.

#11 Reilly as happy as can be.

#12 Eleanor loving her new life.

#13 Leaving the past behind.

#15 That feeling when you find a forever home.