15 Pics That’ll Make You Wonder If Cats Are Actually Made Of Liquid

How do they even do this?

Sometimes cats squeeze into the darndest places, and it can make you wonder if they’re actually made of liquid. The 15 photos below prove that you’re not crazy and that cats really can flatten into a puddle on command! 😀

h/t Shareably

#1 “My friend’s cat climbed into a plastic flower pot…”

#2 “A bowl of flour” 😀

#3 “Feline continues to seek fully liquid state”

#6 “Waterfall Kitty”

#7 A cup of cuteness to go, please!

#8 “A liquid has no fixed shape therefore it takes the shape of any container”

#9 “I regret nothing… NOTHING!”

#11 I can’t even tell what’s going on here! 😀

#12 When you let the water run in the sink for too long…

#13 When you need to be in two places at once.

#14 “At first I thought it was cappuccino” 😀

#15 “I told you both of us could fit.”