15 Reasons Why You Should Never Adopt A German Shepherd

Just don’t do it, seriously.

You may be thinking about adding to your family by adopting a dog, and that’s great. Just don’t get a German Shepherd. Seriously. Listed below are 15 reasons you should never own a German Shepherd. Take it from us β€” you don’t want to do it. πŸ˜‰

h/t Shareably

#1 They’re pretty vicious, even as puppies.

#2 They’re not much to look at.

#3 You can’t trust them around children.

#4 Other animals don’t even like them.

#5 And they don’t play well with other dogs.

#6 They bounce off of the walls all day long…

#7 …and are impatient and uncooperative.

#8 They don’t like to go anywhere and hate car rides.

#9 They’re so mean. Just look at those ears!

#10 German Shepherds make huge messes and ruin your things.

#11 They’re just always up to no good.

#12 This is one dog that won’t listen to you…

#13 …and the breed despises cuddling.

#14 They’ll always be this way β€” even when they’re older.

#15 Okay, you can get one. Just don’t get two. πŸ˜›