16 Images That Prove Leonbergers Are Too Majestic And Pure For This World

Just look at these gentle giants.

The Leonberger is truly a majestic dog breed. And not only do they look stunning, they are calm and very friendly! Below are 16 images to prove that Leonbergers are amazing gentle giants! 🙂

#2 “Daisy, my Leonberger who isn’t a fan of her photo taken.”

#3 “Just a Chihuahua riding a Leonberger” 😀

#4 “Happy Leonberger!” 🙂

#5 “Meet Red, the Leonberger!”

#6 Tired after all of that playing.

#7 “Remy + Ceelo: Leonberger Bros”

#9 “One of the cutest pics of my best bud that I have.”

#10 “Java is the prettiest princess”

#11 “Giant dog breed at 2 months old.. A puppy Leonberger!”

#12 “The Majestic Leonberger. This is my dog Rocky.”

#13 “Odin the Leonberger”

#14 “From a little puppy, to a LOT of Leonberger”

#15 “Father just got a Leonberger puppy. Like a little bear cub.”

#16 “Meet Simba. He’s a Leonberger.”