17 Office Dogs Who Make Work A Much Better Place To Be

These puppers really liven up the workplace!

Does time drag at the workplace? Imagine if you replaced some of your co-workers with some of the fluffy variety! These office doggos would really liven the place up, but as for productivity, well, that remains to be seen. 😛

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 “Office dog isn’t allowed on the couch, so this is her daily act of rebellion”

#2 “Today’s my first day working for a company that allow dogs in the office. Here’s my 13 year old lab ready for his first day.”

#3 “We have an office dog and he visited me today.”

#4 “Every office should have a dog!”

#5 “Our office dog pretends to love me so I give her treats”

#6 “Last day at work. I think the office dog wants me to stay, he brought me all of his toys.”

#7 “We have an office dog today. You can stack stuff on her. She’s a good girl.”

#8 “Our office dog had a very rough day of eating and sleeping today.”

#9 “Our office dog has an access card too…”

#10 “We have an office dog too. She just got a promotion.”

#11 “I came to pick up my dog from doggie daycare. No one was in the front office to greet me except this gentleman.”

#12 “Office dog(s) allowed on couch, this is their way of maintaining office dominance”

#13 “This is Buddy. Our new office dog”

#14 “Our office dog comes to my desk and makes this face at me every day… maybe I smell bad?”

#15 “Our Office Dogs, Side Eye and Derp”

#16 “A guide dog in our office says hi”

#17 “These two dogs belong to the owners of our local post office and have the important job of greeting you when you walk in!”