17 Rebel Dogs Trying Their Best To Look As If They’re Not Breaking All The Rules

Rebels with paws.

We all have rules for our dogs, and we put them in place for good reason. But our furry little rebels don’t always like to follow said rules, and this is what it looks like when they try their best to get around them! 😀

h/t Bored Panda

#1 Me? Begging? Never.

#2 No paws on the couch? Okay then.

#3 No chins on the table. Technically, he’s not breaking the rule.

#4 “She knows she’s not allowed in my office but she accidentally threw her carrot in here. So now she’s inching her way in, hoping I won’t notice.”

#5 “Aegis is a piggy and always finishes his food first. He’s not allowed to touch Wulfgar’s food so he just lays there like”

#6 “She knows she’s not allowed on the couch…but we’d never said anything about a fallen pillow. Little opportunist.”

#7 “He’s forbidden from putting paws on the desk when he wants his ball thrown. That’s his way for going around the rule.”

#8 “She’s not allowed on the couch…”

#9 “My dog knows she’s not allowed in my room so she thinks if we don’t make eye contact I won’t kick her out”

#10 “My family’s 12.5 year old dog knows he isn’t allowed in the kitchen during dinner time, but he still likes to get as close as possible”

#11 “My Samoyed thinks if she’s not facing me when I’m eating, she’s not being rude (she knows begging isn’t allowed). This is her compromise.”

#12 “She’s not allowed to beg, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to look nonchalant.”

#13 “Dog knows he’s not allowed on top of table but wants popcorn so bad! Well, technically he’s not…”

#14 “My husband went into the garage for a second. His entourage (who are not allowed in the garage) followed him as best they could.”

#15 “My boxer isn’t allowed to be on the couch. He won this one on a technicality.”

#16 “He knows he’s not allowed in the kitchen while I cook but sometimes he pushes it”

#17 “My little boy knows that he’s not allowed to have all four feet in our bedroom.”