18 Dog Fails That Are So Funny You’ll Feel Bad For Laughing

Dogs will be dogs!

Dogs will be dogs, and sometimes that means forgetting how to dog all together! The 18 pictures below show some of the funniest dog fails around, and it’s okay to laugh at them now. 😀

h/t Bored Panda

#1 “I forgot how to dog.”

#2 “Seal on the loose”

#3 “Neighbors got a new dog. He seems to really love my pug.”

#4 “My golden retriever decided to roll on the freshly mowed lawn.”

#5 “Last night my dog graduated from a beginner obedience class. This morning we found her certificate like this.”

#6 “A Friend’s Majestic Huskies” 😀

#8 “It’s hard to tell but one of my dogs helped mow the lawn.”

#9 “The derpiness starts early” 😉

#10 “Taste the rainbow.” 😀

#11 The classic bed mix-up. 😉

#12 “The three degrees of curiosity”

#13 “You may have seen a better picture of a dog avoiding a bath today, but I doubt it.”

#14 “Left my baby husky alone for a minute, and I come back to this.”

#15 “Dog forgot how to dog.” 😛

#16 “All I wanted was a nice photo”

#17 “Just hanging out!”

#18 “My dog destroyed one of her toys, and became a supervillain.”