18 Dogs Who Are Naughty And Have Absolutely No Shame

It’s impossible to stay mad at these faces. Right?

These 18 dogs were found in some peculiar situations, but the naughty pups have absolutely no shame! Now that it’s over with and they’re all okay, it’s hard not to laugh. Dogs will be dogs!

#1 You can make a second naughty dog with all of that fur!

"I shed. I'm not sorry. - Malik"

#2 Actually, I’d like to borrow this dog for a month or two…

"To keep daddy on his diet, I ate all his food!!!"

#3 No regrets.

"When I visit my grandparents house, I jump over the babygate and steal cat food from the elderly cat. I regret nothing. - Vinnie"

#4 Sorry, not sorry.

"I peed on my mom's laptop. And no... I am not sorry."

#5 Work smarter, not harder!

"I am too lazy to jump up into the back of the car."

#6 Tell us how you really feel, Levi.

"My mommy brought a cat home. I dug a cat sized grave to let them know how I feel. - Levi"

#7 He really thought this one through…

"First, I refused to go outside because I hate the rain, so I pooped in the house. Then, I didn't want anyone to see it, because I knew it was wrong, so I ate it."

#8 What a hero!

"My house was under attack by a new $700 Roomba. I saved us."

#9 The day mom realized she needs to keep her bag out of reach…

"I got into my mom's overnight bag and ate her clothes... I just threw up a thong."

#10 What goes in must come out.

"I ate a bottle of glitter and now my poop sparkles."

#11 Noted.

"Skunks do NOT like their butts sniffed!"

#12 An artist in his own way…

"I like to wait for my owner to be painting a fine line before barking loud enough to make her jump and mess up! (I will do it again, too)"

#13 Keep those cold toes to yourself.

"I walked away when mom tried to warm her cold toes on my warm belly. -Not sorry- Thumbelina"

#14 As long as dad thinks it’s funny… 😀

"I pee on the neighbor's dog through the fence when he barks at me... cuz I'm a huge JERK! Dad thinks it's funny"

#15 I’m guessing this dog’s favorite holiday is Easter…

"My name is Angus. I ate 2 dozen confetti eggs. I am not sorry."

#16 He’s just trying to help.

"While guests are seated on the toilet.. I barge in.. and try to pull their pants all the way off.."

#17 Is this not a real water fountain?

"I tried drinking from the display toilets at Lowe's."

#18 Classic trickery.

"I sit by my dish & pretend like dad didn't feed me in hopes that mom will feed me again. - Mason"