18 Dog Pics That Prove Life Is Far More Interesting With A Pet

They’re the best!

In case you were wondering if life is better with a dog, this is the post for you. And if you’re already a dog owner, you already know the answer and will agree with all of it! This is too funny — dogs are the best. 🙂

h/t Pleated-Jeans

#1 Somehow they ALWAYS find the mud.

#2 “I have no idea what that is. Help!”

#3 There’s always enough room. 😉

#4 “Okay, this should be enough space…”

#5 Fetch or Tug-of-War?

#6 It’s cute when they think they know what they want.

#7 After a long day…

#8 “I’m just another doggy!” 🙂

#9 “That loud machine outside always makes my paws turn green.”

#10 Aww… 🙂

#11 “I WILL get this!”

#12 Food is the top priority.

#13 “Umm, someone help me.”

#14 “It had to be done.”

#15 Yep, pretty much! 😀

#16 “I give you a gift, human!”

#17 Ninja-mode, activated.

#18 “It’s not a good toy unless I can destroy it.”

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