19 Weird Things You’ve Done As A Dog Owner, Just Admit It

You’ve done all of these things, haven’t you?

Admit it. As dog owners, we do some things that would be considered a little weird by those who don’t own dogs. But that’s okay — we have each other’s backs, right? Take a look at the 19 things below. You’ve done all of these, haven’t you? 😉

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 Used the camera on your phone to show your dog what he looks like.

#2 Flipped your dog’s ears back for a “new hairstyle.”

#3 Congratulated your already housebroken dog for going outside to poop.

#4 Called your dog something completely different from its actual name.

#5 Added your dog’s name into the lyrics of a song.

#6 You’ve gotten jealous when it sits next to someone else.

#7 Watched to see if your dog cares about what’s on TV.

#8 Covered your dog’s eyes until the scary part of the show was over.

#9 Called your dog naked for simply not wearing a collar.

#10 Told your dog “bless you” for sneezing.

#11 Instead of just telling your dog goodbye…

#12 Had to have a talk with them for being bad.

#13 Held your dog’s paw while sitting on the couch. Just because.

#14 Winked back at your winking dog.

#15 You’ve warmed up your hands in your dog’s armpits.

#16 Petted your dog with your feet instead of your hands.

#17 Imagined your dog with a human’s voice…

#18 Played dead to see if your dog would even care.

#19 Ignored others talking about their dogs because of your own dog.