20 Pics That Show Fawns Are Only Second To Dogs In Overall Cuteness

They’re so adorable.

We all sobbed through the Disney movie Bambi as kids, but we cried for good reason—it was a heart wrenching movie about an adorable fawn! There’s just something magical about the deep, round black eyes of a deer. Fawns are like the kittens of the forest, and here are 20 photos of this majestic creature.

#1 Fawn vs Kitten… the winner is everyone!

#2 Melts in your heart not in your hands.

#3 Aw geez, don’t embarrass me in front of the photographer.

#4 How generous of you to share!

#5 Snow only adds to the magical majestic woodland scene.

#6 Baby Pudu, the world’s smallest species of deer.

#7 Baby Muntjac deer… be still, my heart.

#9 An astonishingly brave boy risked his life to save this baby deer from rushing floods in the Bangladesh river…

#10 …and the world is all the cuter for it.

#11 If this deer were mine, I’d fawn over it everyday.

#12 My deer, would you mind moooving over?

#13 Another 16 year old boy who saved 2 fawns from a flood.

#15 Deer, look into my soul. 😛

#16 Deer nest, so cute!

#17 A touching moment.

#18 I see this everyday on my commute to the gumdrop kingdom in dreamland.

#19 It was so cute the golden retriever had to adopt it as her own.

#20 Just checking for veggies.

#21 An animal this magical can only dine on Lucky Charms.