21 Best Friend Moments Between Dogs And Babies To Make You Smile

Best friends for life.

I truly believe that the first friend a child should make in life is a dog. What better companion could they possibly have? I mean, they are called “man’s best friend” for a reason. A dog’s loyalty and unconditional love will set a kid up for life. These 21 photos show some best friend moments between dogs and babies, and they will make you smile from ear to ear! 🙂

#1 Hugs make everyone smile!

#2 Nap time protection.

#3 Just a baby and her French Mastiff.

#5 Oh my, that’s a cold nose! 😛

#6 No teddy bear needed…

#7 A couple of cute co-pilots. 🙂

#9 Just a friendly day in the sun.

#10 “Let me help clean you up.”

#11 A big ol’ smooch!

#12 Video game buddies.

#14 Random hugs are the best!

#15 “Ahh, I could get used to this!”

#16 “This is MY baby!”

#17 Smile for the camera!

#18 “Don’t even think about taking my baby from me!”

#19 “I thought you said there would be no cameras…”

#20 “I could nap here all day!”

#21 Just a great day with two best buddies.