22 Times People Bumped Into Dog Passengers On Flights

The absolute best kind of passengers! ;)

Flights can be chaotic and nerve-racking. Between delays and layovers and just the general uneasiness of being so high up in the air with no control, the last thing you want to deal with is an annoying passenger. Well, these people got lucky, because the passengers on their flights just happened to be furry and cute! 🙂

h/t Bored Panda

#1 “This guy and his dog on my flight right now. They have been like this for over 2 hours”

#2 “This guy sat in front of me staring out the airplane window for for 5 hours and he didn’t make a sound”

#3 “Met this cute lil guy on our plane”

#4 “Flight attendant made an announcement to congratulate her on her 12 year career with the US Marines. The cabin erupted into applause.”

#5 “This little guy was the most popular passenger on the plane today. (the puppy, not me)”

#6 “‘But I’m Scared’ Rocky’s first flight”

#7 “A little worried about the plane ride”

#8 “Pets take over plane cabin on Fort McMurray fire evacuee flight”

#9 “This is the time my daddy and my other daddy Martin (whom I miss so much) brought me from LA to NY on the plane! See, I was found on the means streets of South Central alone and scared but somehow, I found my way to my daddies and the best life EVER!”

#10 “Met this well behaved flyer on the plane”

#11 “I see your dog on a plane and raise you a booped dog on a plane”

#12 “This is how Desmond sleeps on a plane”

#13 “Look who joined my flight today, USAF soldier and her dog; Tally.”

#14 “There is a cat on my plane it’s so cute”

#15 “I work as a Flight Attendant and this is the cutest passenger I’ve ever met”

#16 “The passenger next to me on my plane kept trying to talk to me.”

#17 “Duke the Bush’s Baked Beans dog always flies first class!”

#18 “Had to put up with this obnoxiousness in the seat next to me on a connecting flight. Ruined my day.” 😉

#19 “Best flight ever.”

#20 “Took my puppy on her first flight. We got bumped up to first class and she ended up falling asleep on the lap of a beautiful stranger sitting next to me. Success!”

#21 “For a furry passenger on the plane!”

#22 “Bentley got to meet the Captain after our flight home last night!”