23 Dogs Who Are Taking What It Means To Be A Good Boy To A New Level

They are the goodest boys.

Dogs are the best, and that is why we call them Man’s Best Friend. They take the utmost pride in being called a good boy, but sometimes they strive to be even better than that. The 23 dogs below have changed what it means to be a good boy — they are the goodest boys! 🙂

h/t Bright Side

#1 This good boy makes the best captain.

#2 “One of my dads clients brought in his poodles, my dad was impressed”

#3 Good boy or best man?

#4 “Recovering from surgery, heckin good boy won’t leave my side”

#5 “Saw this good boy waiting outside a bakers for his human”

#6 “He is a failed guide dog, failed for being too friendly. But he now is a disability support dog and my newest best friend.”

#7 “Jax is the official stamp licker at the post office”

#8 Carefully listening to the flight instructions. 🙂

#9 “Not even a year old and already helping out around the house.”

#10 “Rescue Dog is here to help”

#11 Good. Boy. Must. Not. Get. On. The. Bed.

#12 Always being prepared is the first step of being a good boy.

#13 “Invest in tennis balls, they have a high return rate.”

#14 He peed on the floor but tried to clean it up!

#15 “Met this well behaved flyer on the plane”

#16 When you tell him he’s a good boy…

#17 The best kind of doctor.

#18 Puppy ready for winter like a good boy.

#19 “My dog brought me some dirt today”

#20 Just adopted and ready to be the goodest boy.

#21 “I ‘chained’ him down while I went back inside to get my jacket. Came back out to a very good boy”

#22 “And then God said: ‘Who’s a good boy?'”

#23 Beware: Good Boy On Premises