31 Dogs Who Were Just Rescued From The Shelter And Couldn’t Be Happier

To a long life together :)

There’s nothing that quite fills the heart quite like a puppy, especially one that you just took home from a shelter. All of the people in this post are pictured after adopting their new best friend. We wish lots of love and puppy kisses to all of them!

#1 Repaying the love!

"His first day home"

#2 Their very first dog!

"My wife and I just adopted our first dog. Meet Pixel!"

#3 Who rescued whom?

"My rescue puppy his very first day home"

#4 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

"Still not sure if we adopted a deer or a dog"

#5 She can’t contain the excitement!

"Just adopted this little girl. Meet Maya"

#6 I think he’s going to get used to this…

"So we adopted an abandoned puppy. Meet Charlie"

#7 Welcome home!

"Holly's first day at her new home"

#8 So adorable.

"All tuckered out after her first day home."

#9 Old dogs need homes too.

"First ride home from the shelter with Ned - finally a home at 11 years old!!"

#10 This new bed will do!

"Here's my own version of "What a difference one day makes." Meet Jackson!"

#11 You’re the lucky one!

"The face you make when you realize you've just been adopted."

#12 Best friends forever.

"My uncle adopted this former Russian guard dog. He warned me not to get too close"

#13 First car ride.

"I'd like to share the very first picture I ever took of Booker... This was the car ride home"

#14 So pretty!

"I've been adopted!"

#15 That smile!

"Another Redditor found this dog on the street. I adopted her. I think she's happy now."

#16 Very first day home.

"Rocko his first day home from the shelter!"

#17 What a perfect smile.

"Smiling pup on adoption day"

#18 Today was a big day.

"My buddy Royal. Adopted and returned twice- No one wanted him. Best buddies, we are."

#19 I think Nook’s going to like this place!

"Today, we adopted a 9-month old fluffy friend. Meet Nook!"

#20 All of that celebrating can be exhausting!

"Throwback to Rikku's adoption day"

#21 Happy to be going home!

"Mom and dad's favorite picture they took of me when they first got me!"

#22 Striking a pose.

"Taking over Mommy's towel while Mommy somehow ends up sitting in the wet buggy grass."

#23 No more sleeping on concrete floors.

"Meet Patches. We adopted him from an animal shelter. This was his first day at his new home."

#24 So content and so happy.

"Sister just rescued this guy from a local shelter. Face of pure joy."

#25 Just loving life!

"My friend adopted a stray, meet Duncan, possibly the happiest looking dog on Crete."

#26 Loving her new human!

"Evie's First Day Home"

#27 Some “going home” cuddles.

"One year ago we spontaneously got this little nugget and it was the best decision we ever made."

#28 Pure joy.

"Welcome to the family, Rodrigo"

#29 That’s the look of love.

"This was the day I met my parents!"

#30 Max is going home!

"Adopted this old man from the shelter today."

#31 Hank exploring his new yard.

"My ridiculously photogenic boy, Hank on his first day home!"