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    Dog Cries Out When Family Sells Cow Friend, Runs Away To Find Her

    Dogs are such compassionate animals, and they’re species-blind when it comes to making friends. When a puppy named Rookie was adopted, he took to the family’s cow. The cow took on a mother-type role for the dog, and they became inseparable with the sweetest and strongest bond.

    But the family fell on hard times and decided they’d have to sell off the cow. They sold her to the neighbors, and the little dog cried and cried. It broke the owners’ hearts, but they did what they had to do to make ends meet.

    But Rookie couldn’t take it and ran away to find her! He tracked her down at her stable at the neighbors’ place and had a sweet reunion. When the dog’s owners found out, they just couldn’t keep the two separated. So they offered to buy the cow back and find other ways to cut back financially all so these friends could live happily ever after. 🙂

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    Cheerful Dog Wasn’t Going To Let Anything Bring Him Down And Stop His Joy

    Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a stray with a wounded ear and set out to save him. They expected the dog to be crying out in agony when they arrived, but instead the good boy was wagging his tail! The dog scarfed down some biscuits as rescuers prepared to take him away. 🙂

    Nothing was going to bring this cheerful dog down, but he did have a big problem; his ear was shredded and mostly gone. Animal Aid cleaned and debrided the wound and sedated the pup to properly treat the ear.

    The dog may have lost his ear, but he never lost his enthusiasm for life. Without treatment, he would have died in pain and agony. But now, Biscuit is alive and well and still wagging that tail off! See him today. 🙂

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    Mom Throws Ball For Dog, And He Comes Back With Something Else Entirely

    Who knew fetch could be so funny? It’s a game that’s embedded in every dog (and some cats!) from birth, but individually they all have their own differences and rules when it comes to exactly how they play. You’ll see what I mean in the video below!

    The dog at the very beginning runs down the hallway to fetch the ball that Mom just tossed. But at some point back there he finds something else he’d rather play with: a shoe! And that’s just one of the many funny fetch scenarios in the Fetch Is Fun Vol. 1 compilation by America’s Funniest Home Videos. 😀

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    Jerk Dog Worries Friend By Playing Dead

    This dog learned that he can worry his friend by playing dead. Not a very nice thing to do, is it? 😜 And for those wondering, yes he’s okay; if you look closely, you can see his paws moving.

    Some words from the owner: “Jack is 9 and Archie is 3. Even though the dogs are not related, we all refer to them as brothers. Jack has recently started to play dead in order to worry Archie. We all find it entertaining watching Archie bark at Jack as he lays lifeless. The video was taken in the dogs home which is also a local pub.”

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    17 Pics To Show That Dogs Are Truly One Of A Kind

    Dogs are definitely a little different and one of a kind, but we love them for it. It’s what makes them so special and amazing. The 17 photos below are proof of just how wonderfully unique they truly are. They may be derps, but they’re our adorable derps! 😀

    h/t BuzzFeed

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