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    Dog With Facial Deformity Can’t Get A Home, But The Perfect Person Sees His True Beauty

    Lucky was born in a puppy mill and surrendered to a shelter. He suffers from a severe facial deformity, and it was hard to find a home for him. People just couldn’t look past his disfigurement when they saw him.

    When Lucky finally was adopted, it didn’t last long. He was given up on over and over and bounced from house to house. His first family in Austin kept him outside at all times because he didn’t like their cats. The dog was tied to a tree with no real decent place to sleep. Ignored and neglected, it was the story of his life.

    That family surrendered Lucky before they moved. They decided not to take him with them. He was not a true part of their family, and he was left looking for a home once again.

    Lucky was adopted again, but it wasn’t long before he was abandoned once more. Back to the shelter he went. Lucky sure wasn’t lucky at all…

    But it was a social media post that would change his life. A shelter volunteer took Lucky to a groomer, and the resulting pictures were seen by the perfect person. A friend of the volunteer, Jamie Hult, wanted to meet Lucky right away. And adopt him!

    “It just happened to be somebody in my dog rescue world, so right away I contacted him and said ‘I want that dog. I donโ€™t even want to foster it, I wanna take that dog,'” Jamie told iHeartdogs.

    But Lucky needed a lot of medical attention. The dog had heartworm and fleas and was malnourished. None of that stopped Jamie though as she was willing to do whatever it took to help him. Lucky would go on to make a full recovery! ๐Ÿ™‚

    With his new home and new owner came a new life and a new name: Beaux Tox!

    “The reason I named him Beaux Tox is because clearly he looks like he needs botox, and thatโ€™s okay. We appreciate beauty in all forms. And the dog bills cost me a fortune which is the reason I donโ€™t have botox!” Jamie said.

    These two seem to be the perfect pairing, don’t they? They’ve now been together a year and going strong. Beaux is living an amazing life and will never be abandoned again! It’s only love from now on for this good boy.

    Photo credits: Instagram
    h/t I Love My Dog So Much

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    Two Dogs Were Living In A Cardboard Box At A Recycling Facility For Three Months

    Hope For Paws was alerted of two abandoned dogs living at a recycling facility. They’d been there for three months, and several workers made sure to feed them but were very concerned for their safety. Lisa Arturo and her friend Clay Greenbush set out on the rescue.

    They spotted the two dogs immediately, and it seemed as if it would be an easy rescue. The one approached for food with the other dog staying slightly behind. But that’s when the skittish dog took off. Even though his friend trusted the rescuers, he didn’t know they were there to help.

    They had to get the scared dog first, and they saw an opening when he took refuge in a makeshift dog house one of the employees had made for them. Lisa lifted the box so the dog couldn’t escape and then leashed him. The hard part was over. Some employees came out to say their goodbyes, and the rescuers were off to Hope For Paws.

    The dogs were named Salami and Pastrami, and LA Animal Rescue was happy to take in the “Cold-Cut Boys.” They are now available for adoption! ๐Ÿ™‚

    To help Hope For Paws, you can donate here. If you’re interested in adopting Salami and Pastrami, please contact LA Animal Rescue.

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    Old Dog Is Pulled From The Shelter And Given A Makeover To Save His Life

    Older, ungroomed dogs are often overlooked and ignored in the shelters. It happens all the time, and it’s the sad reality of the situation. And for Max, an elderly Shih Tzu who was found as a stray living on the streets, it wasn’t looking good.

    Then came the day for his grooming session. Max had no idea this would be the turning point in his life, but it was the moment that signified a new beginning. He was thoroughly bathed, brushed, had his nails clipped, and was given a haircut. Who would’ve thought he could look so good!

    The makeover did the trick! Soon after being groomed, Max was adopted. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    15 Puppies Who Have A Lot Of Growing To Do To Fit Into Those Ears

    The 15 puppies pictured below will surely grow into those giant ears someday. But it’d also be okay if they didn’t โ€” because they look so adorable as is! Don’t you agree? ๐Ÿ™‚

    h/t The Dodo

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