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    Black Cat Takes To The Field, And The Two Dogs Have Sudden Interest In Football

    During a football game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants in New Jersey, a black cat took to the field in what became quite the adorable distraction! The crowd loved it, and viewers of all different types took notice from home. 🙂

    Stacey Dales was watching the game on TV when her two dogs suddenly took an interest in football for the first time in their lives. Of course! How could they possibly resist the sight of a random cat bolting across the screen? 😀

    How funny is that? It always amazes me when animals can pick out what’s happening on a TV screen!

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    Puppy With A Unicorn Horn Found All Alone Out In The Cold

    A little puppy was found alone outside in the cold, and Mac’s Mission stepped in to rescue him. But this was no ordinary pup; the dog has what looks like a second tail, but this one coming out of his forehead. The Jackson, Missouri, rescue had never seen anything like it.

    Facebook/Mac the pitbull

    The puppy looked a lot like a little unicorn, and they named him Narwhal! He was taken to a vet to get this face tail checked out along with some X-rays taken of his foot injury.

    Facebook/Mac the pitbull

    But Narwhal is a very happy and friendly pup who takes everything in stride! And thanks to the rescue, he’ll never be alone in the cold again. You can follow Mac the pitbull’s Facebook page for updates on the little pup! 🙂

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    Over 30 Dogs Found Neglected And Abused On A Property In Kansas

    The Humane Society of the United States arrived to a property in Kingman County, Kansas, where over 30 dogs were being hoarded in the most neglectful situation. The dogs suffered in the horrendous conditions for far too long.

    All of the dogs were rescued and transported to a temporary shelter where they could receive proper vaccinations and veterinary exams to get them on the road to recovery. Then and only then could they go on to find their forever homes.

    All of your support, whether donations to the HSUS or simply the sharing of their videos, helps the Animal Rescue Team continue the fight for all animals.

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    Stray Kitten Interrupts News Broadcast For A Second Chance At Life

    A live newscast was interrupted when a stray kitten approached and meowed her little heart out. It’s as if she knew this was the place to get the attention she needed. The Huron Valley Humane Society would assume the duty of finding her a forever home. 🙂

    The kitty immediately stole their hearts.

    Facebook/Nima Shaffe

    They named her Lucky Seven (after the news station) and changed her life forever. 🙂

    Facebook/Nima Shaffe

    I guess she just wanted to get her story on the air to try to get a second chance at life… and it worked! 🙂

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    Woman Leaves Dog Home Alone To Run An Errand, Comes Back To Unresponsive Body

    It’s not something many people think about or even realize, but chip and snack bags are a huge cause of dogs suffocating when left home alone. To bring attention to this, a website called Prevent Pet Suffocation was made to educate the masses about this common household item and the dangers it proposes to dogs.

    Mylar linings in certain bags meant to preserve fresh snacks can especially be troublesome as they create a barrier dogs can’t chew through. As dog owners, it’s something we must look out for and think about.

    Patricia Polacco posted a heartbreaking message on Facebook so others could learn from her family’s tragedy:

    “My Daughter Traci lost her dearest dog Wasabi to this…it was a pork rind bag. She had left to go pick up something at a friends, wasn’t even gone 10 minutes and her roommate called. He found her next to the front door with the bag still on her head. HAD SHE KNOWN……..it hadn’t even crossed her mind that something like this could happen. None of us knew!!!! Please spread the word. Chip bags, zip lock bags that had left over food in them, treat bags, yogurt containers, Especially the YoPlait, cut it all up!!!! Don’t leave them where pups and cats can get to them. Our hearts are still broken. Thank you.”

    It’s best to keep any type of bag totally out of reach of pets or locked behind cabinet doors. Help spread the word!

    (Featured thumbnail via Unsplash.com)

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    News Reporter Can No Longer Do His Job After Cat Interrupts Segment

    Brazilian journalist Artur Lira was on location filming a news segment outside of a police station when the cutest interruption halted the process. A cat appeared right at his feet, and Artur couldn’t hold back the laughs!

    Just when it seemed as if Artur had regained his composure and they could continue on with the news report, the cat made a second sneak appearance by popping out of a truck bed! Again, the reporter burst into laughter, losing it even more than he did the first time around. You have to love his genuine excitement! 😀

    “He was so cute, you can’t feel angry,” he commented on Facebook. “I think this cat wanted to be famous.”

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    Dad Receives A Selfie From His Cat While Away, And No One Else Is Home

    Imgur user pigeonkitty uploaded a photo of his cat that went along with a funny little story. He wondered how he received a selfie of his cat while away, and… 😉

    “I just got a text alert on my phone with this image attached.”

    “My laptop is set up to take a picture after 3 incorrect password attempts”


    We all know what it’s like to keep typing in the wrong password. And that look says it all!

    It turns out his cat just wanted to borrow the laptop to surf the internet. Did he want to order some cat treats? Or maybe he just wanted to look up some funny cat memes?

    I guess we’ll never know. 😛

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    Orphaned Pup Introduced To Mama Cat, And She Allows Him To Nurse Right Away

    Just an unbelievable thing here to witness; an orphaned puppy was taken in by a mama cat and nursed in what is a truly magical moment. Animals have such loving and caring instincts, and there’s a lot we can learn from them.

    From the owner of the video:
    “The puppy in this video lost his mother a few days after he was born, and seeing that our cat just recently had kittens, we decided to put him in the litter of kittens as well. The cat immediately took him as her child and has been allowing him to breastfeed ever since!”

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    Cat Wanders Into Baby’s Room, And A Conversation Ensues From The Crib

    There’s nothing quite like listening in on a conversation between a kid and a pet. You’d need a translator to help you understand what was being said, but the interaction and back-and-forth are cute enough as is! Just check out the cat and baby in the video below. 🙂

    The parents had this to say on YouTube about the special moment:

    “We had just put our 18-month-old son down to sleep for the night, and shut the door to his room, or so we thought. Our cat pushed the door open to say “goodnight” as well. She starts meowing at him in the crib, and he meows right back. She then jumps on the chair to get closer to him so they can continue their “conversation.” He stands up to get closer to her, too. We had no idea this was happening until our baby monitor alerted us of the noise. We then had to remove the cat from his nursery so he could finally go to sleep without any distractions.”

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    Vet Clinic Has A Comfort Dog To Visit With Sick And Scared Dog Patients

    Just as people have therapy dogs to help them through rough spots in life, dogs have “comfort dogs” to assist them and raise their spirits. An image posted to Reddit by u/Obito_GF showed one of these comfort dogs at a veterinary clinic tending to a patient.

    “This veterinarian has a comfort dog assistant that helps sick dog patients know that everything will be alright,” the caption reads.


    The fact that this is an actual thing took people by surprise and tugged at their heartstrings. The comment section said it all:


    It turns out dogs can bring as much joy and comfort to other dogs as they do to people! While not considered official service animals, the American Kennel Club states that having a comfort or therapy dog around boosts oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin in our brains and can even strengthen immunity systems. Just another reason dogs are the best! 😀

    h/t – Wimp

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    Good Boy Ducks To Prepare To Pass Underneath Every Bridge

    This good doggo loves his car rides, and he’s always on the lookout. There’s a lot of scenery to take in but also dangers to be aware of. And each time their car comes up ready to pass underneath of a bridge, it’s better safe than sorry for this pup! 😀

    Just as the bridge passes overhead, the dog ducks as if it would’ve boinked him right on the head! It’s so funny and interesting that the clever boy sees it this way. If it’s not that, maybe it’s a superstition thing? Let us know what you think. 🙂

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    He Was About To Bury The Little Baby When It Showed Some Life

    Paul Williams was going about his business and taking photographs when he stumbled upon an orphaned baby squirrel on the ground. Little did he know, it was the beginning of an amazing journey…

    Paul discovered the tiny squirrel just in time. He appeared to be dead at first glance but was still very much alive.

    Flickr/Paul Williams

    He took Rob home to try and nurse him back to health.

    Flickr/Paul Williams

    It wasn’t long until the baby squirrel started showing some life. And the two became inseparable!

    Flickr/Paul Williams

    Rob would find interesting places to rest up…

    Flickr/Paul Williams

    …and even bask in the sun for a nice nap!

    Flickr/Paul Williams

    Paul would take Rob everywhere he possibly could.

    Flickr/Paul Williams

    It was the best way to watch over him and make sure he’s safe. But Paul enjoyed the company.

    Flickr/Paul Williams

    The little squirrel became a big part of his life.

    Flickr/Paul Williams

    But it was about to come to an end.

    Flickr/Paul Williams

    He knew he couldn’t keep the squirrel forever and had to return him to where he belonged: the wild.

    Flickr/Paul Williams

    The Wilpattu National Park in northwestern Sri Lanka would rehabilitate Rob to get him ready for his new life.

    Flickr/Paul Williams

    The beautiful, unique friendship had to come to an end, but it was definitely for the best.

    Flickr/Paul Williams

    It’s sad that they had to say goodbye, but it’s something Paul will cherish forever. As for Rob, he’ll be able to live the life he was always meant to live. 🙂

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