15 Owners Who Went Above And Beyond To Make Their Pets Feel Special

Because they deserve it.

We love our pets, and we’d do anything for them. Some may accuse us of spoiling them too much, but we know they deserve it! Below are 15 times pet owners went above and beyond to make their precious furballs feel special, and we think you’ll relate. 😉

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 This owner who made their guinea pig a house.

#2 These parents who went the extra mile for their little pup.

#3 Safety first! 😉

#4 This owner who made sure to keep the kitty warm.

#5 Making her good boy feel special.

#8 This owner who allowed her pup to sleep on her essay… 🙂

#9 This owner comforting his dog at the vet.

#10 Making their dogs feel magical and special. 🙂

#11 A birthday trip for his doggo!

#12 Making sure her dog is entertained. 😀

#13 Keeping her cat fashionable.

#14 The beauty of hand-me-downs!

#15 A baby shower for her pregnant dog. 🙂