17 Reasons You Should Adopt A Senior Dog

They’re the best.

The next time you’re thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, you should definitely consider adopting a senior dog. There as amazing as any other dog, and you can make their twilight years the best ones yet. Below are 17 reasons why senior dogs make great pets.

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 They can be as cute as any puppy!

#2 Seniors are just as pettable.

#3 They’re so thankful for your love.

#4 They’re just so elegant and gentle.

#5 A little bit of gray makes for one heck of a picture!

#6 With the years come experience, wisdom, and love.

#7 They still love being outdoors and relaxing.

#8 And some still even have a great sense of adventure!

#9 Senior dogs don’t take one moment for granted.

#10 They’re always up for your obsession with taking their photos.

#11 They’re always by your side. 😉

#12 And old dogs can learn new tricks!

#13 They love to play as much as any other dog.

#14 They’re so grateful for you making their twilight years the best ones yet.

#15 Even when they start to slow down, their loyalty never wavers.

#16 Seniors are capable of great love and want nothing more.

#17 So get to the shelter and make one happy today! 🙂