Couple Adopted So Many Dogs, They Had To Get A Second Bed

A couple in New York adopted so many dogs, they needed a second bed for everyone to sleep together! Chris and Marissa run a rescue group, The Mr. Mo Project, for elderly dogs and save them from all different types of abuse.

The Mr. Mo Project/Instagram

And they aren’t anywhere near being done helping dogs! All of their YouTube proceeds go toward paying vet bills to make dogs more adoptable across the nation.

“If you thought your house was hectic, wait until you see what it’s like in our home. We are a newlywed couple with eight rescue dogs: Gremlin, Meatball, Money, The Stig, Tejas, Quinn, Sammy and DaVinci. Our family may be big, but we are still looking to help more dogs. We donate all proceeds from our YouTube videos to pay shelter dogs’ vet bills to help them become more adoptable and find their forever homes.”

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