27 Pics Of Terrifying Pit Bulls To Scare The Pants Off Of You

Because we all know how mean and vicious they are.

We all know how mean and vicious pit bulls are. I mean, just look at these faces in the pictures below! Here are 27 terrifying pit bulls to scare the pants off of you. 😉

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 “My 12 year old pit bull got a new friend.”

#3 “Look at this vicious pit bull. Just terrifying.”

#5 “Selling my house, a potential buyer wouldn’t come into the back yard because of the pit bull ‘ready to attack’.”

#6 “My sister’s pit bull she rescued seems to get along well with her cat”

#7 “Pit bull puppy bubble bath”

#9 “My pit bull came to say hi while in the bathroom cause i left the door open a little bit”

#10 Snuggling and sleeping.

#11 “So my pit bull thinks she is a lapdog” 😉

#12 “The correct way to sit on tile. Brought to you by Lexi the pit bull :)”

#13 Cream the pit bull is too cool for school! 😛

#14 “This is Bobo, my vicious pit bull.”

#17 “Our pit bull Zissou in a pig suit.”

#18 Oops. Did I take your spot?

#19 “Pit bull tea party”

#21 “He just wants to play.”

#22 Interspecies love.

#23 All of the blankets are mine!

#24 Helping Dad work. 🙂

#25 Having some fun in the sun!

#26 Precious nap time.