15 Acts Of Kindness In The Animal Kingdom That Prove Animals Are The Best

You gotta love them!

If you don’t think animals have the ability to love and care for others, just wait until you see this. The 15 pictures below show acts of kindness in the animal kingdom, and they are sure to change anyone’s mind! Aren’t animals just the best? 🙂

#1 A turtle helped flip his friend back on his feet.

#2 This dog adopted a monkey after its mother died.

#3 Some baby red pandas feed off of this caring mama!

#4 A group of dolphins guide a lost seal pup back home.

#5 An orphaned lamb and calf found friendship in each other.

#6 This dog pulled a baby kangaroo from its mother’s pouch after she was hit by a car.

#7 A Corgi guides some ducklings to their home. 🙂

#8 A horse helps a cat with an itchy back.

#9 This chimp likes to help out with feeding time.

#10 This amazing dog found abandoned bunnies and took them in as her own.

#11 A retired guard dog adopted an abandoned kitten.

#12 Some baby boars were adopted by this maternal French Bulldog.

#13 This Lab helped raise over 30 animals, including this pygmy hippo.

#14 These two abandoned dogs decided to never leave each other’s side.

#15 A formerly aggressive dog was saved by a loving goose.