Stray Cat Knocks At Stranger’s Door Hoping To Be Let In From The Cold

A stray cat showed up to a stranger’s house looking for some much-needed help. He pawed at the door as if to ask to be let inside from the cold, and the woman knew just what to do. As a foster volunteer with Un Chat à la Fois, a cat rescue in Quebec, she messaged the founder, Marie Simard, with a photo of the cat.

Marie Simard

She knew they weren’t taking adult cats in at the time but had to find a way to help this one. Marie told her to contact their partner clinic to get him an evaluation and the care he needed. When she went to grab the orange tabby from the porch, he didn’t fight it.

Marie Simard

It turned out the poor cat was suffering from bite wounds, frostbite, fleas and ticks, rotten teeth, and diabetes. He wouldn’t have lasted out there much longer on his own. But he was now so happy just to be around some kind people! Marie named him Aslan, and he was released to a foster home after a couple of days of treatment.

Marie Simard

And Aslan bonded immediately to his foster family. They even have a fellow rescue cat named Cleo, and the two would do everything together! His foster mom decided she couldn’t let him go and officially adopted Aslan into their home. And it’s here that he will live happily ever after! 🙂

H/T – The Dodo

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