Crib Cam Shows What’s Keeping The Baby Up At Night

“Seriously guys.”

Emily May Casey woke up one night to the sound of motion detection notifications going off on her phone. But her baby, Atti, happened to be asleep with her in her room at the time all safe and cozy in his bassinet. It turned out one of Casey’s cats found a new place to play!

Emily May Casey/Facebook

The footage from the crib cam showed the cat playing in the crib. And he had so much fun, he had to invite the family’s other kitty to join him a few nights later!

This time, you can hear Atti fussing in the background. “Seriously guys,” Emily commented on their shenanigans.

But Emily wasn’t actually mad. She happens to love that her baby monitor captures precious moments like this! 🙂

H/T – The Dodo

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