Lost Baby Goat Rescued From A Pit Sees His Family Again, Runs To Mama

A baby goat got trapped in a pit in the Philippines and cried out for help. The kid was so scared and alone. Thankfully, some good Samaritans heard the noise and investigated. They were able to free the goat and bring him home for the night thinking he had an owner out there somewhere.

The would go out the next day to search for this person. But instead of finding an owner, they came across a goat herd with very similar white fur on the tops of their heads. And what happened next is truly a thing of beauty…

The little one, named Shawarma, noticed his family and took off running toward them while crying out with happiness. And 24 hours later, a precious reunion was underway. My heart!

Check out the video below for even more details on the rescue and reunion!