Bahamas Resident Opens Her Home To 97 Dogs During The Hurricane

Chella Phillips runs a stray dog refuge called The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas which helps pair homeless dogs up with rescues all over the United States. And as Hurricane Dorian rips through the area, she knew she had to do more for the less fortunate pups on the island.

Chella Phillips/Facebook

Hundreds of dogs were left to roam and fend for themselves with the category 5 hurricane bearing down, and Chella knew many of them would be afraid to stay at the refuge alone. So she opened her own home up to 97 dogs to keep them safe! She keeps the air conditioning running and music playing to help keep them calm.

Chella Phillips/Facebook

Chella posted photos to Facebook showing her house packed full of the dogs of all shapes and sizes. She has had to do lots of cleaning up after them, but it’s totally worth it to her for their safety.

Chella Phillips/Facebook

This is such a wonderful act of kindness, and it takes a special person to help a bunch of strays in this manner.

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