Girlfriend Sells Soldier’s Dog On Craigslist While He’s Deployed

We all understand that loving, indescribable bond that we have with our dogs. It’s a connection unlike anything else in the world. But what if someone could just pull that security blanket right out from underneath you? That’s what happened to soldier Robert Gabbert. While deployed, he found out that his girlfriend sold his companion, Baxter, on Craigslist.

Robert was completely devastated when he found out his girlfriend sold Baxter on Craigslist.


To make matters worse, the family that bought Baxter from the girlfriend refused to return the dog to Robert. The kids had become too attached.


But after a social media campaign and news stories getting around, the family changed course. “I think the people that bought the dog read the stories and felt bad,” Mr. Gabbert’s father Robert Sr. told MailOnline.


“I guess, there’s been so many people supporting Robbie, that the family came forward with the dog and they’re going to return it.” The soldier was completely overjoyed that Baxter was going to be returned to him.


Robert had raised Baxter from a puppy, and his Facebook page is loaded with pictures of them. He made this collage before leaving. “Thinking of turning this into a blanket,” he wrote.


The family that bought Baxter wouldn’t be going away empty handed though. They, of course, had no idea the dog was being sold against the owner’s will. Robert Gabbert Sr. said he plans to send money to them so that they can find another dog for their children.

“I do feel bad for them. They bought him and didn’t know that he wasn’t hers to sell. The kids should have a dog.”

Happy outcomes for everyone involved! Couldn’t have asked for a better ending. 🙂

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