20 Dogs Who Take Begging To A Whole New Level

They want food more than anything.

It’s in a dog’s nature to want to beg for food. But some dogs are a little more advanced with their techniques! The 20 dogs below have found ways to take begging to a whole new level, and it would be very hard to tell them no. 🙂

h/t Bored Panda

#1 “Are these about done, or…?”

#2 “Every time I try to eat in peace, the Famished Four make an appearance…”

#4 “What? I’m not begging!”

#5 “I was wrestling with my dog and forgot that he never misses an opportunity to eat”

#6 “He started barking at the door, when I got up to look outside he ran back a stole a slice of my pizza. No one at the door.”

#7 A typical night at this house. 🙂

#8 “It’s so close…”

#9 “Can we just talk about how my dog begs for food?”

#10 “Don’t you hate it when strangers on flights want you to share your snacks.”

#11 “He likes to walk his bowl around the coffee table so we can see how empty it is”

#12 “When your blind dog begs for food”

#13 Teaching the human sibling how it’s done. 😀

#14 “Ice cream fan club.”

#15 “My dog kept begging under the patio table and the glass made him look like a degas/picasso art collaboration”

#16 “Watching me cook dinner”

#17 “You know your dog is getting old when he falls asleep begging for food.”

#18 That feeling when someone’s watching you…

#19 “I’m so sorry.”

#20 “This is our dog Joey. I wish we could say he was trained to do this.”