Someone Tied A Senior Dog To A Heavy Rock And Threw Her In The River

Bella the senior Belgian Shepherd was found and rescued from the waters of the Trent River in Nottingham, England, after someone tied her to a heavy rock and dumped her. She was spotted by a Good Samaritan who saw her struggling to stay afloat, and she immediately called the Nottingham Police.

Nottinghamshire Police/Facebook

The dog was rushed to a local vet where she could be treated and allowed to recover. She’ll soon go on to a foster home and then be put up for adoption when ready.

Nottinghamshire Police/Facebook

An investigation has been launched, and the police and working alongside the RSPCA to conduct microchip inquiries to see if her owner changed since getting the tag back in 2010. An arrest has been made on suspicion of animal cruelty, but they’re continuing to gather more information.

“This was an evil and nasty thing to do to this poor dog and we are making every effort to find out who is responsible,” PC Adam Pace, from Nottinghamshire Police said. “We are lucky that the kind member of the public found and rescued her.”

The police are asking the public for any and all information they may have, but we’re happy Bella is safe and sound now and going forward in life.

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