Puppy Watches Family Ride The Waterslide, Has To Get In On The Fun

Bento the Golden Retriever was with his family at the beach in Brazil when they started doing something he’d never seen before in his young life. They’d set up a waterslide on the sandy slopes to ride down shooting them out into the water! And you know what they say… Monkey see, monkey do! 😛


The puppy couldn’t sit by and let everyone else have all the fun, so he decided to copy them and take to the slide himself! The adventurous boy watched as his humans took turns going down the slide and jumped on it with no hesitation.


Before he knew it, Bento was off and sliding. And he ended up liking it so much, he had to do it again! (Swipe left on the video below to see the second attempt.)

It’s safe to say Bento had the most fun on this family vacation! What do you think? 🙂

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