Man Leaves Small Terrier In Hot Car For 26 Minutes To Go Do Some Shopping

Police in Naugatuck, Connecticut, showed up to a Walmart parking lot to save a small Terrier who’d been left in the car by its owner on the 100-degree day. An animal control officer spotted Bingo panting in the vehicle which reached upwards of 102.5-degrees as determined by an infrared thermometer.

Bingo’s owner, 46-year-old Andre Rodrigues, left the dog alone for at least 26 minutes to go do some shopping. The dog was lucky to be alive.

Naugatuck Police Department/RA

The Naugatuck Police charged Rodrigues with misdemeanor animal cruelty and set him to appear in Waterbury Superior Court for his actions. They’re using this as a chance to remind people to never leave a dog in a car alone and that criminal charges are possible.

H/T – Republican American

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