Someone Tied A Dog Out To A Tree And Left Him To Bake In The Sun For 2 Days

A dog was heard crying out from the woods, and a boy went searching and found a puppy tied to a tree without food or water. It was very hot outside, and it turned out the dog had been out there for two days all alone. Bob was bald with mange and severely dehydrated and starved.

The dog was rushed to the vet in critical condition. He was immediately put on pain meds, antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. The sweet boy wagged his tail perhaps knowing he was finally in good hands. He was starting to look better, but the damage was already done on the inside.

Unfortunately, Bob suffered from respiratory failure and ended up passing away. But his death was not in vain; The good dog got to spend his final days surrounded by love knowing what it was like to be a pet. May he rest in peace.