Fisherman Scoops Up Bobcat Struggling In The Middle Of The Lake

Brett Hereford and family were fishing on a lake in Montana one day when they spotted something unusual and made the catch of a lifetime. And no, it was not a fish.

Out in the middle of Flathead Lake was a bobcat all alone struggling to stay afloat. They knew the poor thing wouldn’t be able to make it back to land by itself, so Brett used a fishing net to scoop it up and bring it to safety.

Bob Hereford/Twitter

No one knows how the bobcat managed to find itself out there all alone, but it wouldn’t have lasted much longer if the Herefords hadn’t come along when they did.

In a statement made on Facebook, Bob Hereford commented that they took the bobcat back to shore and released it on the land. It was a day of fishing they’ll never forget!