Boxer Hears Baby Crying For The First Time And Investigates

When Mom first brought her newborn, Malina, home, she couldn’t help but wonder how Bella the Boxer would act. Would she be jealous or protective? She figured the sweet dog would eventually accept the little one as part of the family, but she had no idea it’d happen so quickly and lovingly. 🙂

Baby Malina was placed in her crib for a nap, but she started crying. This was the first time Bella had ever heard a baby crying, but she reacted as if she knew it was very important. The Boxer got up and out from underneath the crib where she was guarding her new human sister and took position at the side of the crib to investigate. The dog did some crying and whining of her own as she worked to figure out what was wrong. You can tell these two are already bonded and will be the best of friends going forward in life!

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