Mom Answers The Door To See Her Little Boy With A Deer On The Porch

A 4-year-old boy named Dominic Brown went outside one morning and returned to the door with a new friend: a wild deer from the woods. The little boy’s mother, Stephanie Brown, heard commotion on the porch and went to take a look and couldn’t believe her eyes!

Stephanie Brown/Fox 8

There her son stood next to the animal in his Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer pajamas which apparently helped him become a deer whisperer! The family was in the middle of getting ready to head home to Virginia after a short stay near Shenandoah National Park when the boy made the friend. 🙂

Stephanie Brown/Fox 8

Mom said Dominic told the deer it could have some of his cereal and led it back to the house. He named it “Flash” and acted as if the encounter were nothing out of the ordinary! After Stephanie took some photos, she asked her boy to take the deer back to the woods. He did as he was asked, and Flash followed him to its proper home in the woods. What a story! 😀

H/T Fox 8 News

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