Tiny Pig Jumps Off Of A Truck, Rescuers Take Her Home To Meet Their Dog

Hannah and Justin were driving home on the freeway when they saw a small animal along side of the road. It was a little pig, and they stopped to save her. They figure she was born on a truck and then jumped off of that truck down onto the freeway. But now she was safe and sound! And it was time to go home and meet the family dog…

When Bubbles first saw Chachi the chocolate Labrador, she went right at him. The little piglet would chase the dog around the house and try playing with him in the funniest ways! The couple got in contact with Where Pigs Fly and decided she’d be better off at the sanctuary. And it was there that Bubbles became huge! The couple still visits her to see how she’s doing, and it’s the sweetest thing. 🙂

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