15 Animal Snapchats That’ll Have You Busting A Gut

I’m laughing out loud over here!

Animals always seem to have a way of making us laugh. Thankfully, some of these moments are able to be captured for our viewing pleasure! The 15 animal Snapchats below are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. 😀

h/t Inspire More

#1 “This duck thinks he’s a flamingo. ‘When in Rome…'”

#2 “My dogs fell asleep playing with a tennis ball” 😀

#3 A stick worthy of the big dogs…

#6 They only come out for the winter… 😉

#7 It’ll be okay, human.

#8 Ideal job for a dog…

#9 A Lab in the lab! 😉

#10 “Thought I woke up to a naked hairy man in my bed.” 😀

#12 “Testing the water resulted in a positive lab result” 😛