Humane Society Takes Neglected Dog From Kansas Property To Start A New Life

The Humane Society of the United States set off to a cruelty situation in Kingman County, Kansas, and found a neglected dog with a severe skin condition. She was understandably scared and timid, but rescuers could see hope in her blue eyes.

This was the beginning of Cassie’s new life. From here on out, it’d all be different. All it took was a little bit of love and care, and the dog began her remarkable transformation. Her healthy, full coat brings out those blue eyes even more!

Today, Cassie enjoys a life of love and affection. She plays in the yard, takes long walks, and gets those belly rubs! What a difference compared to where she came from, and it’s what every dog deserves. Thanks to the Humane Society and all of their supporters for making it happen!