Fall-Colored Kitty Loves The Leaves But Blends Right In

Can you spot her?

Avery Shrader has a tortoiseshell cat named Lion. And the cat’s fur is a perfect fall-colored mix of orange, red, black, and white. Lion loves leaves, and when she takes to a pile of them, she blends right in!

Can you spot her?

Avery Shrader

She has the perfect camouflage to disappear in the middle of one of her favorite spots and stay hidden for as long as she wants! But trust us, she’s definitely in there…

Avery Shrader

Give up yet? Lion is highlighted in the photo below:

Avery Shrader

That took me longer than I’d like to admit! How about you? Let us know in the comments, and share it with a friend to see if they can spot the sneaky kitty. 🙂

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