21 Cats And Dogs Who Just Returned From The Vet, And They Have Mixed Feelings

Their looks say it all!

Dogs and cats normally hate going to the vet, but when they come home feeling good it’s totally worth it! We took our 21 favorites from a list originally compiled by Bored Panda, and these pets are definitely having some mixed feelings. 🙂

#1 “Albert is not having the best day.”

#2 “Wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. Says he’s ‘still under the influence.'”

#3 “doggo went under for surgery and now he is DRUGGO”

#4 “After the vet… feeling no pain…”

#5 “My cat woke up from anesthesia once too.”

#6 “Took Porkchop to the vet today. This was the before and after pics. This was the look I got the entire ride home.”

#7 “My mom’s crazy cat was prescribed Valium. Now I get daily pictures of a cat who is HIGH OUT OF HIS MIND.”

#8 “Cheddar was drugged up at the vet the other day”

#9 “Thousand-mile stare after the vet. Just a vaccine update. He’s being dramatic.”

#10 “He’s been giving me this look all night since I picked him up from the vet…”

#11 “I work at a vet and this doggie was waking up from a little sedation she had done for x-rays. She’s fine, just a little limp.”

#12 “Picked my dog up from surgery today. She’s a little high still.”

#13 “So, my dog had to get surgery and now he’s drugged up. I should feel sorry for him but I can’t stop laughing”

#14 “My friend left her cat at the vet’s office overnight”

#15 “My dog was just neutered, his eyes say it all..”

#16 “Aztec the Jungle Cat feeling sleepy after a trip to the vet.”

#17 “Picked my dog up from the vet and she was still a little high from the anesthesia. Couldn’t help but take a photo of her.”

#18 “Harvey came home from the vet today and needed reminding he’s the light of our life”

#19 “Our dachshund hurt his back, so the vet gave him muscle relaxers. High as a kite.”

#20 “My pup got a painkiller shot at the vet. I think she likes it.”

#21 “The vet gave my dogs some narcotics after a spinal injury. He’s had this expression for 3 days straight…”