19 Cats Who Forgot How To Cat, And Their Owners Have Had It Up To Here

‘That’s it…I’m done buying things for my cat.’

Does it ever seem as if your cat forgot how to be a cat? The 19 kitties below are having one of those days where they’re just not quite with it, and their owners can’t believe what they’re seeing. Their cats may be a little goofy, but they still love them to death! 🙂

h/t Bored Panda

#1 “Left suit on floor. Woke up to this.”

#2 “Some cats bring their humans birds and mice…Oliver brings me teabags”

#3 Why did we get a cat again??

#5 “We actually had to help him down.. Idiot”

#6 “Cats aren’t that great at fetch…”

#7 “This is how my friend found the cat in the bathroom”

#8 “This is my friends cat eating dinner”

#9 “He is crying because he thinks he is locked out …”

#10 “My friends cat got it’s head stuck in a vase, freaked out, broke the vase, and was left with this.”

#11 “I can’t leave you alone for one second, can I?”

#12 “You’re doing it wrong …”

#13 “My cat keeps trying to steal the feather duster, luckily he never gets too far…”

#14 “That’s it…I’m done..I am done buying things for my cat.”

#15 “Putting in screen doors for warmer weather, my cat thinks I moved the door.”

#16 “My cat is an idiot but adorable.”

#17 “My girlfriend’s cat loves doing this every morning…repeatedly”

#18 “I hear my cat crying in the bathroom, walking in, I see this.”

#19 “I didn’t know you were here…”