12 Times Cats Were Jerks To Dogs

And they didn’t even care.

Cats vs. dogs is the classic animal rivalry, and it’s one we can often see clash in real life. Whether it’s the dogs chasing the cats or the cats being rude to the dogs, it’s as sure as the setting sun. Below you will see 12 times cats were downright jerks to dogs!

h/t – BuzzFeed

#1 “The cat is alpha in this house.”

#2 “There goes the dog food…”

#3 “I am dog sitting for the weekend and my cat is not thrilled.”

#4 “My dog is stuck because the cat knows she controls the stairs.”

#5 “When your cat tries to drown your dog”

#6 When the kittens gang up on the dog…

#7 “Sam will sit on top of the dog’s food container, forcing me to feed him first”

#8 “She makes the dog wait to eat”

#9 “My boyfriend’s dog is afraid of the cat and tries her best to avoid eye contact.”

#10 “My cat is literally using my dog’s face as a pillow”

#11 “My cat stole my dog’s bone but the dog is too nice to take it back so instead he is just watching and whining.”

#12 “Her blanket has been lost to the cat”