Dog Brought In After 4 Years On A Chain Just Stared Out The Door Trembling

A dog named Chapo spent four years of his life chained in a guy’s backyard. But he was rescued and brought to the shelter where he found himself on the euthanasia list. Thankfully, Claudia came across the boy and said she’d foster him! But at her home he just trembled and stared out the door as if he wanted to go far away…

She would wrap him in a blanket and lie with him for comfort, but it was when they stepped outside with her little niece to run around for the first time that Chapo’s eyes were really opened up to the world! And the second big breakthrough was when Mom brought a sick kitten into the home. Chapo barked and barked like never before and took Cicely under his wing for care. These things changed him as a dog, and it’s wonderful to see! 🙂

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