People Can’t Find The Sneaky Cat Hiding In This Picture

Alessandra Ribeiro has a cat named Chiquinho. And oftentimes, she has a hard time spotting him around the house. He likes to hide and tends to blend in with his surroundings, especially those with darker backgrounds. This is what Chiquinho the black cat looks like…

Alessandra Ribeiro

And people are having a hard time spotting him in the photo below. Think you can do it with only the above image as a hint?

Alessandra Ribeiro

Were you able to spot Chiquinho? Scroll on below for the answer!

Alessandra Ribeiro

There the sneaky boy is! But for as much as he likes to hide, his mom says he’s a very loving and cuddly kitty. Pass this on and see if your friends and family are up to the challenge! 🙂

H/T – The Dodo

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