Homeless Man Seen Throwing A Birthday Party For His Dogs

A passerby came across a sweet scene playing out at a park in Bucaramanga, Colombia, and took interest. They saw a homeless man place hats on his two dogs and then bring out a cake and light the candles. It was a birthday party, and even though the man didn’t have much, he wanted to make sure to celebrate his best friend’s special day.

The bystander recorded the party on video and then approached the man afterward to learn his story. It turned out Choco was throwing a party for his dog Shaggy with his other dog Nena at his side. The man shared that he had been living on the streets the past few years to escape an abusive household, and he’s only ever wanted to provide the best lives for his dogs…

Now, strangers are showing him the love! Good Samaritans have started gathering at this spot in the park with their dogs to donate food and supplies and have little playdates. 🙂


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Hopefully, it all helps Choco and his furry little family get back on their feet. And with all that love in his heart, we have no doubts he’ll make the most out of every little thing he receives in life!

H/T The Dodo